Raft Wars

What was changed in Raft Wars unblocked version

Raft wars Unblocked is a good example of a stress-busting game that is easy to get used to with minimal controls and graphics that are simple and pleasing to watch and play just like Paper io game. Humor is clearly an important part of the game and is handled really well with perfect comic timing with the graphics to add more depth to the game. There isn’t much story to go, but whatever is presented does a good job of getting you hooked immediately. I can assure you, you will not leave the game without finishing the first three levels at least!

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stickman rpg

What should you know about Stickman RPG

We proudly introduce you to new awesome flash games Tank Trouble 3 from purup studio and Stickman RPG from XGen now let’s talk about Stickman RPG. This game belongs to the good old Role-playing category, it has so many quests and so many opportunities that you will hardly ever get bored. The action takes place in a modern city, a city which has its own secrets and its own mysteries. Read our full description below:

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learn to fly 3

How to Play Learn To Fly 3 Online

Learn to Fly 3 is a fun game that is a modification of the earlier game where a penguin leaves a ramp and is taught to fly. Once in air, the right and left keys of the console control the flight angle, where the right key points the nose of the penguin towards the ground while the left points it skywards. In order to attain maximum speed however, the nose of the penguin needs to be pointed straight ahead. You have the option to buy rockets to accelerate the speed of the penguin, but the speed needs to be maintained outside the zone marked red to extract best efficiency from fuel.

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