Zombie Trailer Park

How to beat Zombie Trailer Park all stage’s

Zombies have come and taken over the metropolis. However, you were lucky that you were not in the city, but you are safe in the park. They soon notice your trailer in the park and they are now out to bring you down. Pretty interesting into isn’t it? I bet you already want to start playing the game, but before you will start to play this awesome game I suggest you to visit official website, where you can learn ways and strategies which will help you to finish stage 2, stage 3 and stage 4 successfully.

What type of game is this?
Zombie trailer park involves strategy (like Rooftop Snipers unblocked ) and it has two bases. One base, which is the trailer, belongs to the humans. The other base, which is the city, belongs to the zombies. The player is supposed to recapture the city by overcoming the zombies.

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This game has four levels; each level is more difficult than the previous one. There are also two bars in the game, they are meant to show the life level in each camp. When the bar on the zombie side reaches zero, you are the winner, but when the bar on your side reaches zero. You are the looser.

Controls of the game
The game has some tools that are meant to help you out in playing it. Some basic units include a shovel man, angry farmer, survivalist, moonshine bomber and a preacher man.

There are buildings that are helpful in playing the game. They include the salvage yard, trailer, farmhouse, garage, still and a chapel.

Yee-Haw powers are also there to make the game more thrilling. One has access to angry mobs, harvester and airstrikes meant to drop bombs on your enemy thus easier win.

By sending out soldiers, you start your winning match. Be careful on those whom you sent out not to waste your men. Proper usage of Yee-Haw power helps kill more enemies. Call the preacher man when he is available and turn the enemies against themselves bringing victory insight.

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How is the game won?
As it is more about strategy, you will have to get the right balance in order to keep away from all downfalls. Knowing the right time to put up new structures or upgrade them to newer ones will put you on the winning edge. Having money will help you defend your base and make zombies weaker thus winning.

When you fail to put up the right structures or have a shortage of money. Zombies will take advantage of that and will seize that chance to overcome you.

As it has four levels, the first level will require you to build a salvage yard. This will earn you money for your upkeep. Build the type of salvage units that you can and house the shovel man. A shovel man can take two zombies and thus win the first level.


In the second level. You will be required to part with $100 and get a shovel man. They are meant to help you get a salvage yard. You will also get some Yee-Haw power-ups and they should be used wisely.

The right game atmosphere makes you see new levels of yourselves. By completing each level as prompt as you can, you will be getting high scores. Manage the speed to get high points and react fast enough to attack. High speed is an advantage to you. Making you the master of the zombie trailer park.