Need help


Guys we are looking for friendly and experienced admins, we need someone to share new gaming events and news on our social media blogs as well as on our web-site and we are looking for someone who can create different events.

Since our gaming community is growing faster and faster we can hardly find time to release new posts on our blog. A lot of people have found our guides super helpful so we have decided to find more writers who can cover more topics, like for example: someone who knows MMO RPG games well, someone who has experience in FPS games or someone who had touch with LoL.

Current admins can play all the different games in order to write informative topics about them and we were hoping that you could find some time to write guides for them.

We are recruiting people from our contact form, visit that page (in top menu) and send your details (which games you have played, what kind of experience you have and things like that), the more details you send the better.

P.S. I hope you have Facebook, in this case we can grant you admin permission on our page and you could share some posts time after time.