Play online Ducklings

Ducklings is an awesome free online game that features a duck as the main character and a simple objective to rescue small ducklings that are scattered across the lake. You are a duck now, swim around the lake and rescue other small duckings, try to collect as many as you can, bring them to your nest, and complete challenges.

Just use your mouse to control your character, use it for direction (point the cursor on a specific part of the map, and your character will automatically swim there).

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Play Babel Tower Online

Do you love clicking games? I am not sure if you are familiar with games like Cookie Clicker, Doge Miner, and other games like this, but I just wanted you to know that there is such a category and people admire it. Clicking games are extremely popular these days and there are tons of them out there, in order to find a decent one you will need some time and research, but I am ready to give you advice for free, I want to give you name of the game that is outstanding and worth playing – Babel Tower.

Yes, there is a game called Babel Tower and it has nothing to do with the Bible. It is a simple online game where you earn resources and build a huge tower from it (okay, developers might actually have in mind a tower that was mentioned in Bible, but that doesn’t change the fact that the game is awesome).

Let’s break the article into several pieces and cover each aspect of the game separately, shall we?

P.S. More game to keep in mind:

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Online Solitaire(A classic card game)

A classic card game? Old but gold and free as well at official sites .Have you ever felt bored of all those racing, war, And bone breaking games on your smart phone? Sometimes we all just feel like watching old movies, listening to classic music, or playing some classic games like this one for example – Guess The Emoji Answers.

Nothing was better than sitting with your friends in a ring and playing solitaire together but who got the time to meet for solitaire now? That’s when online solitaire steps in! You can download the game on your smart phone, and start playing online with your friends or with people from around the world. Make new solitaire friends and play whenever you’re free! You will always find people playing, it’s a great way to pass your free time quickly.

Online Solitaire(A classic card game)
Now for the “How to play the game” (instruction of which you can find here) part, which is my favorite part actually. Usually games come with a big instructions manual on how to play the game, but with this one the instructions are pretty simple, in fact it’s only one instruction! Just play the game and move the cards with your fingers or your mouse if you’re playing through your PC. No complications or anything, it’s like you’re playing a real card game with your hands except that you now have endless rivals and so many people waiting for you to challenge them. And you don’t have to worry about your phone storage because you can play the game online so delete those big sized games on your phone and start playing this awesome game that you used to play when you were young.Online solitaire game is like a classic song that whenever you listen to will bring back good memories. So if you’re looking for good memories start playing right now and enjoy your free time with this classic card game, and don’t forget to tell your friends to join you. Also if you like office games try Cookie Clicker Hacked .

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Play Second Version of Happy Wheels Online

The second version of this violent racing gameplay at the official blog. Demo of Happy Wheels is one of the bloodiest flash games you might have ever found. Racing has never been so cruel before. Enjoy the unavoidable misery of your driver in each stage.

You only need to use some keyboard buttons and a mouse to move your character. The purpose of happy wheels game is to get to the finish line while taking enormous risks for your character in order to earn extra points. Focus on getting through the obstacles that you will find on your way without destroying your character’s body.

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