Play online Ducklings

Ducklings is an awesome free online game that features a duck as the main character and a simple objective to rescue small ducklings that are scattered across the lake. You are a duck now, swim around the lake and rescue other small duckings, try to collect as many as you can, bring them to your nest, and complete challenges.

Just use your mouse to control your character, use it for direction (point the cursor on a specific part of the map, and your character will automatically swim there).

How to play:
Just collect small ducks, try to collect as many as you can, and bring them to your nest. Bringing ducklings to your nest allows you to upgrade your home. In some cases, the upgrade requires only four unit collection, high-level upgrades need more units. The same logic applies in the Atari Breakout.

Dangerous waters:
While you are swimming keep an eye on reckless boats, they often swim in the lake at high speeds and they can hurt you if you will get hit by them. Apart from your own damage boat hit can result in loss of collecting units, for example, if you have ten ducklings and the boat hits you, you will have to start your collection process all over again.

Other players:
There are other players in the game as well, you see there is huge competition in the duck world, everyone is trying to upgrade their nest and you have the power to grab other duck’s ducklings and bring them home. As you can see we have another dangerous moment in the game, unlike boats other players can’t damage you, but they can take your hard-earned units and steal them from you, the same way you can steal their units. Try to be careful and pay attention to your own caravan, bring your ducklings home as soon as you have a decent amount.

This game on your device:
Check the following download links if you are more into mobile gaming rather than PC gaming and let us know if links are broken. Also, consider playing Mahjong Titans, the game is really awesome.

Type of the game:
This game belongs to a type of farming game actually, it focuses on collecting resources, it provides an option for upgrades, and is pretty simple in terms of the objective. All you have to do in this game is to collect as many resources as it is possible, bring collected units home and get your hard-earned upgrades. In our video guide, you can find all types of evolutions which are available in the game, take a look if you are curious.

It would be awesome to see how pro players play this game right? Check our following video guide and see record numbers of ducks collected.

This is a pretty simple online game, it is good if you want to relax and chill. The game is simple, nothing complicated in it, simple controls, simple objectives, etc. After a long day at work, this game is exactly what you need to relax and clear your head from thoughts. Play it with us and share your thoughts about it below in the comments section.