Raft Wars

What was changed in Raft Wars unblocked version

Raft wars Unblocked is a good example of a stress-busting game that is easy to get used to with minimal controls and graphics that are simple and pleasing to watch and play just like Paper io game. Humor is clearly an important part of the game and is handled really well with perfect comic timing with the graphics to add more depth to the game. There isn’t much story to go, but whatever is presented does a good job of getting you hooked immediately. I can assure you, you will not leave the game without finishing the first three levels at least!


The whole artwork is pleasantly cartoonish. While there isn’t much to say about the graphics, they surely get the job done. They are a mix between South Park and Angry Birds, with just the right amount of detailing and flourishes to the action. Everything on the screen is clearly visible and that is important to the gameplay since it involves carefully placing the mouse pointer according to what you see on the other end. The character design is excellent too. Every new character looks distinct and distinguishable from the others. Watching boats take damage and the water splash around with great animation makes you think they actually put efforts into making a completely free-to-play game! Same goes with character animations.


You play Simon as the main character who must defend the treasure that he discovered. You are pitted against many enemies with different boats and ships who will shoot cannons at you and will miss initially to give you some learning time. But don’t get fooled as a well-placed shot can send you flying into the water. You can do the same thing to your enemies. At the start of every level, you are introduced to your enemy character at the right-hand side of the screen. Then the screen pans to the left giving you a view of your character and their cannon gun.


Controls: Controls in Raft wars Unblocked are simpler than angry birds. All you have to do is aim the cannon by moving the mouse and simply click to launch a cannon at your adversaries. You have to choose wisely though as this is a turn-based game. One-shot from you means is the enemy’s turn to shoot next. To make things more difficult there are many objects or obstacles placed between you and your enemies. Sometimes there’s an annoying yet funny hippo bouncing off your shots making them ineffective.