learn to fly 3

How to Play Learn To Fly 3 Online

Learn to Fly 3 is a fun game that is a modification of the earlier game where a penguin leaves a ramp and is taught to fly. Once in air, the right and left keys of the console control the flight angle, where the right key points the nose of the penguin towards the ground while the left points it skywards. In order to attain maximum speed however, the nose of the penguin needs to be pointed straight ahead. You have the option to buy rockets to accelerate the speed of the penguin, but the speed needs to be maintained outside the zone marked red to extract best efficiency from fuel.

Learn to Fly 3 comes in a choice of three modes, the arcade, classic, and story modes. It originated from the story of a penguin’s predicament at not being able to fly, and considered his description at Wikipedia being flightless as a mortal insult. So he takes upon himself to learn flying, visit the person who described him that, and give him a stern piece of his mind.


The controls cannot get easier. Pressing the left key tilts the penguin back, the right key tilts it forward. During the initial phase of the game, it is better to maintain a straight flight trajectory so that the penguin flies as if skimming water surface. Gliders can be purchased, and once the first glider is included in the game, the flight can be strategized to adjust tilt to make a real difference in flight path. Rockets can be purchased and added at will to speed up the flight.

Goal of Game
The goal of the game is to fly as high as possible, and as long and farthest as it allows. Notional money is reimbursed on distance and the height you make the penguin fly. Te time of flight adds as a multiplier on a scale of 1 to 3. If all techniques of categories are mastered, the penguin gets to be real rich.

Choice of Upgrades
There are six upgrades to choose from. You can increase the ramp height to make the penguin start higher. The acceleration upgrade turns the ramp more slippy, letting the penguin start real fast. Air resistance upgrade allows the penguin to maintain its speed for longer duration. The glider option eases the flight path. The last upgrades of rockets and fuel boost the speed of the penguin when needed and use fuel as necessary.

Modes of the Game
This version of the game challenges the penguin to fly out to space with the controls and upgrades listed above. In the story mode selection, the penguin wakes up from a deep coma to find itself in a hospital in Antarctica. As the penguin takes flight and the game progresses, stiffer challenges in the form of difficult terrain are presented in its path. Money can be earned if the penguin is able to navigate the challenges and reach its destination with endgame being about leaving earth and hurtling into space, yeah, what can I say, it is pretty different compared to casual 2048 puzzle games

The arcade mode makes provision for three separate budgets and the purpose is to score the highest with the available budget. The classic mode objective is to fly furthest to the right as possible. Each of these modes come with their own fun parts which makes flying the penguin more interesting. The game has more jumps, more destruction, and more ramps. Touch the tundra that has been frozen over centuries after shooting off from snow-covered ramps. The more you go, the more money you make to upgrade the penguin with kites and gliders. After story mode, proceed to classic mode and then the arcade mode.