Zombie Trailer Park

How to beat Zombie Trailer Park all stage’s

Zombies have come and taken over the metropolis. However, you were lucky that you were not in the city, but you are safe in the park. They soon notice your trailer in the park and they are now out to bring you down. Pretty interesting into isn’t it? I bet you already want to start playing the game, but before you will start to play this awesome game I suggest you to visit official website, where you can learn ways and strategies which will help you to finish stage 2, stage 3 and stage 4 successfully.

What type of game is this?
Zombie trailer park involves strategy (like Rooftop Snipers unblocked ) and it has two bases. One base, which is the trailer, belongs to the humans. The other base, which is the city, belongs to the zombies. The player is supposed to recapture the city by overcoming the zombies.

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learn to fly 3

How to Play Learn To Fly 3 Online

Learn to Fly 3 is a fun game that is a modification of the earlier game where a penguin leaves a ramp and is taught to fly. Once in air, the right and left keys of the console control the flight angle, where the right key points the nose of the penguin towards the ground while the left points it skywards. In order to attain maximum speed however, the nose of the penguin needs to be pointed straight ahead. You have the option to buy rockets to accelerate the speed of the penguin, but the speed needs to be maintained outside the zone marked red to extract best efficiency from fuel.

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