Play Second Version of Happy Wheels Online

The second version of this violent racing gameplay at the official blog. Demo of Happy Wheels is one of the bloodiest flash games you might have ever found. Racing has never been so cruel before. Enjoy the unavoidable misery of your driver in each stage.

You only need to use some keyboard buttons and a mouse to move your character. The purpose of happy wheels game is to get to the finish line while taking enormous risks for your character in order to earn extra points. Focus on getting through the obstacles that you will find on your way without destroying your character’s body.

Play Second Version of Happy Wheels OnlineThere is a good variety of levels to play in, they are ranked by users depending on how fun they found it. Each driver is unique and it takes some time to get used to all of them. The more you play and familiarize with them, the better your performance in game.

There are also hours of endless fun with the custom editor mode. Create your own tracks and test yourself, invite your friends to accept your challenge, and let them roll among your obstacles.

Not only the gameplay but also the sound and graphics are cool. Happy Wheels 2 is a very complete game that developers actually take care of. The game is sarcastically entertaining, it even makes fun of offensive stereotypes that are banned for not being politically correct. You must explore them all to find the easter eggs that have been hidden within the levels of this game.

This is one of the most bizarre adventures you could ever have. Isn’t the concept of an injured man on a wheelchair or an irresponsible dad on a bike with his baby without protection jumping at a maximum speed over deadly traps and spikes crazy enough for you? Try some other characters, then!

As soon as you start this addictive game, you won’t want to stop. Try it now. It is easy to understand and hard to get bored with. Happy Wheels 2 is waiting for you, will you take the challenge?


Choose a track.

Pick a character, each one has his own features.

Start moving.

Make as many points as possible.

Reach the goal point to win the stage.


Use arrows to move.

Use space bar to brake.

Use Z to eject your driver out of the vehicle.

Use C to change camera when there are two characters in the same vehicle.

Shift and control are used for secondary actions.